Argus Event Staffing, LLC

Argus Event Staffing, LLC (AES) is the parent company for all Argus service lines and provides the umbrellas for integrated front-of-house staffing solutions.

AES services include:

  • Event management
  • Event security & crowd management
  • Ushers & directors
  • Ticket scanners & ticket takers
  • Security and event consulting services
  • Evacuation planning and threat evaluation
  • Security & crowd management equipment rental

Argus PATS™ (Parking and Traffic Services)

Argus PATS™ (Parking and Traffic Services) provides best-in-class parking and traffic services for live entertainment facilities and large festivals. Through the use of structured parking plans, advanced technology, and highly trained staff, Argus PATS™ manages the patron experience and maximizes revenue from venue parking operations.

Services include:

  • Parking operations management
  • Parking attendants
  • Parking cashiers
  • Accountant and reconciliation services
  • Parking consulting and traffic flow design
  • Parking equipment rental

Argus JAMS™ (Janitorial and Maintenance Services)

Argus JAMS™ (Janitorial and Maintenance Services) provides comprehensive cleaning and maintenance solutions for live entertainment facilities. With experienced personnel that work with your venue to achieve cleaning and maintenance standards, Argus JAMS™ can provide the best possible venue appearance to your patrons. The staff at Argus JAMS™ are specially selected and trained to provide exceptional services in compressed timelines.

Services include:

  • Cleaning management
  • Maintenance management
  • Cleaning/custodial personnel
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Cleaning equipment rental

Argus GSS™ (Guest Service Solutions)

Argus GSS™ (Guest Service Solutions) provides highly trained and specially selected personnel that complete all guest service and guest relations functions, including, but not limited to promotional handouts, entry and exit guest feedback, solicitation of guest feedback during event, seat relocations, guest feedback documentation, and direct patron interaction.

Services include:

  • Guest services management
  • Guest services personnel
  • Entry/exit sampling personnel
  • Guest services equipment rental

Argus BOSS™ (Box Office Service Solutions)

Argus BOSS™ (Box Office Service Solutions) provides services ranging from box office personnel to fully outsourced box office operation. Solutions are designed specifically for traditional venue operations, for conventions, for fairs and stock shows, and for one-off, festival-type events.

Services include:

  • Box office management
  • Box office personnel
  • Accountant and reconciliation services
  • Will-call services
  • Payment processing services
  • Ticket stock and credential sourcing
  • Box office equipment rental

ACS™ (Argus Corporate Security)

Argus Corporate Security (ACS™) provides concierge and 24 hour security services and solutions to live entertainment facilities, offices, corporate campuses, and job sites requiring consistent and highly trained security personnel. ACS provides year-round, job-driven, and seasonal services depending on the client needs.

Services include:

  • Corporate & 24-hour security management
  • Corporate security personnel
  • 24-Hour security personnel
  • Concierge personnel
  • Corporate & 24-hour security planning
  • Security systems design
  • Surveillance systems design
  • Security equipment sale & leasing

Argus RSS™ (Registration Support Services)

Argus RSS™ (Registration Support Services) provides turnkey services and solutions for convention and event registration. Argus personnel working with Argus RSS™ are tested to ensure appropriate computer and administrative skills, and are trained on various registration and attendee feedback systems.

Services include:

  • Registration management
  • Registration personnel
  • Polling and sampling personnel
  • Credential production
  • Registration program planning
  • Registration equipment rental

A.R.T.™ (Argus Roam Teams)

Argus Roam Teams (A.R.T.™) is a proprietary program that combines advanced conflict resolution techniques with customized crowd management techniques and targeted hiring and recruiting programs to provide a highly mobile, rapidly responsive presence at live entertainment venues. Designated as A.R.T.™ representatives, known as "Technicians" are clearly identified through the use of high visibility clothing and differentiated identification from normal event staff personnel. A.R.T.™ Technicians are trained to de-escalate situations and to remove situations from public seating areas to less conspicuous areas such as concourses.

Services include:

  • Roam team program management
  • Roam team personnel
  • Argus ALCON™ (Alcohol Control)
  • Roam team program development and consulting
  • Command post operations, design, and consulting
  • Rental of command post equipment

Argus ATLAS™ (Artist Touring Logistics and Security)

Argus ATLAS™ (Artist Touring Logistics and Security) provides turnkey services and solutions for touring performances and artists throughout the United States and around the world. Team members working in the Argus ATLAS™ program have a minimum of 5 years touring experience and are carefully vetted to ensure that they maintain their integrity in the touring industry.

Services include:

  • Tour security services
  • Tour security planning
  • Credential consulting and production
  • Oversight of local security contractors
  • Rental of security equipment for touring acts and performances

Argus EPS™ (Essential Protection Services)

Argus EPS™ (Essential Protection Services) provides less lethally armed patrol and response services to commercial facilities. Utilizing marked patrol vehicles, less lethally armed personnel provide patrol services around commercial facility campuses and perimeters, and provide alarm response services for national and local alarm providers.

Services include:

  • Armed patrol services
  • Armed alarm response services
  • 24-Hour patrol services
  • Campus patrol services
  • Fixed campus/development/property security
  • Vehicle escort
  • Armed VIP escort and transportation
  • Armed courier
  • Armed cash collection and deposit

Argus FABS™ (Food and Beverage Services)

Argus FABS™ (Food and Beverage Services) provides services ranging from food and beverage personnel to fully outsourced food and beverage operations. Solutions are designed specifically for traditional year-round venue operations, for seasonal venues, and for one-off events.

Services include:

  • Food & beverage management
  • Food and beverage personnel
  • Accountant and reconciliation services
  • Supply ordering and management
  • Payment processing services
  • Training for alcohol service
  • Alcohol control and compliance
  • Service auditing and secret shopper
  • Food and beverage consulting
  • Auditing of existing food & beverage operations

Argus ALPS™ (Asset and License Protection Services)

Argus ALPS™ (Asset and License Protection Services) provides less lethally licensed personnel to protect assets and licenses for live entertainment events and venues, and other physical assets and licenses. Argus ALPS™ specifically makes use of uniformed personnel carrying TASER electronic control devices; Argus ALPS™ personnel are used by live entertinament venues to supplement lethally armed police officers.

Services include:

  • Physical asset protection
  • Cash escort services
  • VIP protection and escort services
  • TASER training and certification

Argus VOS™ (Venue Operating Solutions)

Argus VOS™ (Venue Operating Solutions) provides turnkey, single source venue operating solutions to live entertainment venues throughout the United States. Through the use of embedded General Managers and operations personnel, Argus VOS™ venues operate in the same way that those staffed through in-house personnel would while providing liability protection to municipalities and other facility owners/operators that do not wish to operate venues directly. Argus VOS™ services are provided year-round, at seasonal venues, at one-off events, and as interim services during management transitions.

Services include:

  • Venue operations
  • Capital expenditure planning and compliance
  • Operating budget development and compliance
  • Auditing of existing venue operations
  • Budget consulting for existing operations